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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

come together, right now, over me!

Hey Bloggers..

My first announcement is that soppy couples make me queasy. 
Again, I blame the upcoming festivities..

This my be inappropriate to publish.. but it is enough seeing my sister and her boyfriend call each other 'bub', and then when she brings in personal sexual jokes it makes me feel sick. We're having this conversation as we speak and she just said:

"Paige if you had a boyfriend, you'd want to look good for your man.." - and then she jiggled her eyebrows, and I cringed.

I (think) I'm glad to be single at this time because that means presents.. 
And without sounding like a miserable, bitter, stingy woman - it's because I'm am genuinely awful with presents, really stresses me out!! 
It's difficult to be sentimental.
I think I just feel out numbered by all these couples, mervnifrvbiwlgbrfuiwgbfjkbchj to you all.

Also, I recently bought a parka from River Island.. and I can't help but notice that the fur on the hood actually stinks of a burning farm animal.
I'm not sure if this is normal, I'm not even sure if it's real fur.. I doubt it, but on a real ting blud, like, wa da fuk?

And when it rains it gets worse! Ewwwwwww..

My household skills are developing..
I put more washing on today and took the rubbish out. Yay me!

I had something interesting to write but I've forgotten what is was now.
So I shall not waste anymore time and wrap this thing up..

Mind The Gap;

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