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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vlog #2

What's Gucci?

I haven't really been keeping this properly up to date - but I've finalized my timetable at school and I have bareee time off each week so should be able to do this more :)

In other news, here is my 2nd go at a vlog - let me know what you think!

Mind The Gap;

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Having girl problems I feel bad for you son


So, for those of you who have watched yesterday's blog, thank you. 
For those of you have said nice things about it, thank you. 
For those of you who think I'm a fucking retard but haven't said anything publicly, thank you.. I love it when people refrain from that sort of behaviour.
I actually have an idea for a 2nd vlog now, so hopefully (for those who did like it) it can be something I make a habit of.

As for this evening, I wanted a bacon and egg sandwhich for dinner. But we had no bread; I threw the last of it away the other day, it had mould on it. Although I didn't realize that until after I'd eaten some, it was still a nice sandwhich though..
What you don't know wont hurt you?

That's what my Nan says. Perhaps she's right, it wont hurt you - it CAN'T hurt you. But personally I'm too nosey to not be in 'the know'...

Oh, you actually did forget my birthday, you wasn't just pretending?Oh, my ex has got a new girlfriend/boyfriend?Oh, I've been walking round all day with a hole in the bum of my shorts?Oh, I had a bogey hanging out of my nose the whole time I was talking to that piffy?

So basically, in my case what I don't know can't hurt me.. until I find out/look in the mirror. After which, I shall proceed to wipe my nose before I then get vex that someone watched and allowed me to look like a fool.

But anyways, I got 99 problems and a bogey ain't one so we don't need to elaborate on this..

In the end I had bacon and egg for dinner, with no bread. Literally just egg and bacon on a plate, with ketchup.
And the moral of the story...?

Don't throw the mouldy bread away.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Return O The iPodge

Short and sweet - here's a vlog of some of the things I've been doing during my absence from blogging.
It's my first one so please don't hate because I'm scared I'm gonna look like a goon... too late now. yolo.

Let me know what you think!

Mind The Gap;

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I just wish I was enough for you it’s a terrible shame we never saw it through because I still think of the cottage with the vines with a basement for good times, a bulldog yeah we had it all planned with a kid called Jarvis but perhaps it was na├»ve of us to think all that through I still think about it all the time
I wonder, do you?

Saturday, April 21, 2012


It would seem that exam time has approached a lot faster than I had envisaged, and am officially shitting my pants.
Instead I have been thinking, again. About various things.
In general though, I've been thinking that

I don't actually know anything..
What I want, what's going on, if I can be bothered, what I said I'd do next weekend, what to prepare for, how I feel, what to expect.
I'm so indecisive it's frustrating. I don't know why I'm writing a blog and I don't know why you're reading it.
Perhaps now you don't know now either!

This isn't really going anywhere and I thought it was. 

I also realize my blog about the Marigold Hotel and my thoughts on "fate" contradict each other, I intend to explain/redeem myself on this at some point.

Mind The Gap

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I hope you can't read numerals cos then you'll probably run,and judge me on the basis of what a 16 year old me got done

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm weird

I've been getting a bit philosophical lately following a random light-hearted conversation with some of the girls the other day, basically we concluded:
If it's meant to be, it will be.
Having thought on this since, I think this is true. Or perhaps I think it's reassuring. Maybe both.

Anyway, we agreed on the classic cliche that everything happens for a reason - because if something wasn't meant to be, then it will go wrong to stop it from being, because it's preventing whatever truly "shall be" from being. (Mouthful) So really, the "reason" everything happens is that it was or wasn't meant to be. Cheesy. 

Although this is reassuring, it's annoying to be left with the question of why it was or wasn't meant to be? Or perhaps thinking that maybe something went wrong because it's not meant to be right now.

 It seems that time and free will are our only obstacles from letting the path of fate mould our lives.
I think our free will allows us to temporarily change our path of fate: I think we believe we are in control of our path - so we can make big life-changing choices, and we can uphold these for short or long amounts of time and I suppose in a sense "put off" fate. But in the end, whatever is meant to be will take it's form - be it good or bad.
Unless of course, the decisions and choices we've made correspond with our "fate". But I doubt this happens a lot.

For example, something could be "meant to be" - and then our choices can change that from being. This path we've made for ourselves could last years and years, but then eventually the original circumstance will become apparent again. But then perhaps this change of path is fate too? Perhaps this separate path is required in order for "fate" to happen. The time is needed for us as people to develop, grow, mature or do something significant in order for fate to happen.
Mmm, well I'm no philosopher, but this is what I think. Maybe I've got too much time on my hands. We'll see about this fate lark..

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