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Saturday, April 21, 2012


It would seem that exam time has approached a lot faster than I had envisaged, and am officially shitting my pants.
Instead I have been thinking, again. About various things.
In general though, I've been thinking that

I don't actually know anything..
What I want, what's going on, if I can be bothered, what I said I'd do next weekend, what to prepare for, how I feel, what to expect.
I'm so indecisive it's frustrating. I don't know why I'm writing a blog and I don't know why you're reading it.
Perhaps now you don't know now either!

This isn't really going anywhere and I thought it was. 

I also realize my blog about the Marigold Hotel and my thoughts on "fate" contradict each other, I intend to explain/redeem myself on this at some point.

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