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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Having girl problems I feel bad for you son


So, for those of you who have watched yesterday's blog, thank you. 
For those of you have said nice things about it, thank you. 
For those of you who think I'm a fucking retard but haven't said anything publicly, thank you.. I love it when people refrain from that sort of behaviour.
I actually have an idea for a 2nd vlog now, so hopefully (for those who did like it) it can be something I make a habit of.

As for this evening, I wanted a bacon and egg sandwhich for dinner. But we had no bread; I threw the last of it away the other day, it had mould on it. Although I didn't realize that until after I'd eaten some, it was still a nice sandwhich though..
What you don't know wont hurt you?

That's what my Nan says. Perhaps she's right, it wont hurt you - it CAN'T hurt you. But personally I'm too nosey to not be in 'the know'...

Oh, you actually did forget my birthday, you wasn't just pretending?Oh, my ex has got a new girlfriend/boyfriend?Oh, I've been walking round all day with a hole in the bum of my shorts?Oh, I had a bogey hanging out of my nose the whole time I was talking to that piffy?

So basically, in my case what I don't know can't hurt me.. until I find out/look in the mirror. After which, I shall proceed to wipe my nose before I then get vex that someone watched and allowed me to look like a fool.

But anyways, I got 99 problems and a bogey ain't one so we don't need to elaborate on this..

In the end I had bacon and egg for dinner, with no bread. Literally just egg and bacon on a plate, with ketchup.
And the moral of the story...?

Don't throw the mouldy bread away.

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