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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An emerald with some diamonds

So.. today.

I woke at half 8 and was in the long-awaited autho-dentist by half 9. 
(Yes blud - a lie in!)

And you'll never guess what they said..
"Your teeth are not bad enough to get braces free from the NHS.. as it is considered cosmetic."

The woman musta had something in her eye..
[Ironically, she did actually have a little something in her teeth. Perhaps a bit of breakfast]

So basically my teeth will remain like Alan Carrs for the rest of my life or until I am rich and famous and can afford to get the posh invisible ones instead or until I find £900 to get them now.
[Which will not be any time soon]

So yeah, that annoyed me.

It also annoyed me when my brother said that I have more piercings than I do straight teeth..
[Although I did LOL at that]
He said this whilst we were discussing my plans to marry Prince Harry <3
Apparently piercings wont appeal to Royalty..
Teehee, Princess Paige has too good a ring to it for it not to happen!

I think if I married him though, I'd still want to go school and go uni and have a job even though I'd have this brand new amazing filthy rich heritage.
And I wouldn't take up Polo either because it's kinda gay and I don't like helmets.

I think I'd abuse the opportunity to travel though..
Of course, to do like, voluntary work in Shanty Towns or something.....

And also I heard the Queen can speak fluent French.. that's cool, we kinda have something in common there I guess.
Although she has Corgi dogs... I have cats :/
Me and Harry will have a cat :)

I just hope he's not an arsehole, because that would just ruin my positive outlook on gingers. And I really like gingers :')

Mind The Gap;

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