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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm liking Irish accents right now

I had parents evening today.
Was all good, except for Maths but I've always sucked at Maths.
Predicted a B though and that will do :)

Then I went to Haydon open evening.
Was okay, except it was too big and old fashioned and I could see myself getting lost.
It is a language school though, tempting :)

After, I went to the Harvester.
Was nice, except that we had to wait 20 minutes to get a damn table.
I had half a chicken though and that's always good :)

And now I'm watching Misfits.
It's jokes, except I don't think sexy Simon has much of a storyline.
He's still sexy though, and has nice clothes :)

I'm also reminiscing again.
It makes me smile, except it's sad to see people on Facebook who you were once close to.. and now it's like nothing.
I still miss them though, and that kinda sucks :(

Mind The Gap;

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