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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My 55th Blog :D

Okay, so here's a blog.

Today I made a video for the Spirit of London Awards competition - basically had to answer a few questions on a video and upload it to youtube, and if I'm considered good enough I will be offered the chance to present backstage at The Spirit Of London Awards 2010 on the 27th November! :D
It's very exciting stuff indeed, check it out:

It would be really nice if you could click 'like' too! ;)
Btw, I'm aware I am a complete looser in this video (Y)


God, it's pretty close to Christmas..
And woah, it looks like 'couple season' again!
..Loads of people seem to be getting together around now. 
Although I think it normally happens this time of year because:
"nobody wants to be alone at Christmas"
"everyone needs someone under the mistletoe"

I just think no-one can be bothered to go out in the manky cold weather with friends, so they'd rather stay in with a girlf/boyf and make sweet 'festive love' or something instead.
Oh, and for the presents.

I'm being very pessimistic here.
Haha, it's just the way I see it.. why else would a season be making people get together?!

By the looks of things I'll be kissing my cat under the mistletoe this year, which is ok because I gotta lotta love for my cat ;D
.. actually I've never kissed anyone under mistletoe - who even has mistletoe?! Where do you even find that stuff?!

I think mistletoe is a bit perverted.
But Christmas is a bittttt overrated anyways.

The best bit is the dinner :')
Oh my Nan is a legend when it comes to roast potatoes!

Although, I have constructed an Xmas list:

  • Doc Martens (Metallic Purple/Black/White) < haven't decided
  • Knee high wellies for Reading next year :')
  • Bras (stocking up)
  • Perfume - Gucci Rush/Pacco Rabanne/Hollister
  • This cute jumper from Superdry :')
  • Money
  • A nice necklace
Can't really think what else really!

I'ma leave it here, because my eyes hurt from spending 2 hours after school working on my Music composition on the computer with Mr Stent <3

Mind The Gap;

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