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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hmmm cuppa tea

Hey blog-reading people

If I had to sum up tonight in a word, I honestly couldn't think of one.

It began when I returned home from school; I had it planned in my head that I was gonna go to Mc'Donalds, return home and then do some intense History revision.. and it didn't happen.

Instead, I was continuing my perseverance to perfect an Arctic Monkeys song on guitar (still not perfect but I'm getting somewhere woo!), changed my bed covers, cut up magazines to stuck stuff on my wall, had dinner, then finally did some revision, and then got my Mum to test me. 
She's crap at testing, tedious times.. but I feel more confident and this time tomorrow it will all be done :D

So after the testing my Mum and I watched Eastenders. During which I asked her for some ideas on what I should buy for a Valentines present.. 

Firstly, she suggested Links of London cufflinks
I was like :|
then she was like oh get a Links of London bracelet
I was like :|
then she was like oh get him a thong, that's funny, wouldn't you like to see him in a thong?
I was like no.


Then she went on to say how normal it is for guy to buy lingerie for their girlfriends for Valentines because it's something nice to remember them by and nothing too big. What the fuck? That's cringe, and I'm 16.. what's she seriously getting at?

And then, inevitably, I ended up coming to the reluctant assumption that my Mum must regularly receive lingerie as a gift.. eughdaeijkvnc at which point I changed the subject onto how I think Zainab opening the Arjee Barjee is no surprise and how I think it will end up burning down and how Kat is being a moany cow.

My Mum also trod on the cats tail tonight, awh I felt well sorry for him! :(

Anyways, I best wash my hair and try and get a bit more revision in before an early bed-byes!

Mind The Gap;

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