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Sunday, June 5, 2011

I wanna fly, wanna run, wanna get rich, wanna get drunk, wanna get out

From the past two posts I've clearly been on some sort of downers and generally been feeling sorry for myself, so I guess I decided to post it onto a blog online like one of those gay attention seeking emos or something. Eurgh I hate that. 

Hahahaha joking I'm just a looser. But wow, that's lame.
Must be why I only got like 3 pages views in the past month.
Sorry about that anyways!

So it's been a good half term, had 2 parties and let my nice ginger hair down. 
Congratulations to Rachel Gurd and Laura Arnold who are finally 18 - I am officially jel.

Anyone know some good fake ID places? 
It's come to my attention recently that I should have one, and a car. Not really got a lot of patience wait until I'm 17/18 right now.

So excited for summer, and tomorrow is the beginning of my FINAL exam week - consisting of 3 exams and then I am totally free to be the craziest delinquent I please. :)

My fat bitch gay Physics teacher who isn't even my Physics teacher has been slagging me off though (in front of my friends, clever idea), so tomorrow when I see him it's war. 
I used to fancy him aswell.
Picture this: A round, slightly pot bellied man. He has stubble and brown hair, has a small teeny gap in his teeth and a strong irish accent.
Yeah, it doesn't sound great right?
I was deluded by the accent.. as at the time I had fallen in love with Gerad Butler in PS, I Love You. (And to anyone who says that was a bad irish accent can shh) He also has a bit of a stubble :')
I also felt some sort of bond/similarity to him the gaptooth too, I suppose we should stick together really, so I probably thought the best way of doing that was by fancying him..

But now he's a douchebag who slags me off, so I hate him.

Ahh, it's getting on to 11 o'clock so I should be getting some sleep for this Maths exam. Thank god it's in the afternoon! I'll report back on my confrontations with the fat man if I'm not busy with History revision/if I don't pussy out as a result of being intimidated by such a large belly. (I really hate him)

Mind The Gap;

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