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Monday, October 31, 2011


So, it seems I took another unplanned break from this again, and - again, I have no excuse.

But according to my stats, mandem from Australia have been checking my blog, g'daai to ya'll!

So yeah, since my stranding-of-the-blog, I (in a nutshell) finished my exams, had Prom, got a job, went to Ireland, got GCSE results, went to Reading, started A-Levels at a new school, saw Chase & Status, turned 17, got a new job, started driving, and failed my theory test. All going well, well - except for the theory test (lol).
I cba to elaborate much further on these subjects at the minute. 
I read a book too and booked tickets to see Breaking Dawn at the midnight showing - I have no shame in that. 
Bella you whore.

And now, show-week has just begun for Starlight, we're doing the show '13' - it's a good laugh and curtain's up on Wednesday :) Now is also 11.09pm and I'm yet to finish this project thing for Economics. I should stop procrastinating now. 

Mind The Gap;

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