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Monday, November 14, 2011

cry if you need to but i can't stay to watch you

Oosh so I started my new job today: I now work in a call centre, which although sounds bland (and yes, I'm one of those annoying people who ring you up asking for surveys), I actually get a fair bit of amusement from the inconvenience I seemed to provoke.

You know what gets me yeah..
when you feel the need to provoke someone to get angry or upset for your own reassurance that they still care, why do we naturally seem to care about what other people think?

And don't try telling me "OOH I do what I want because I don't care what people think" mermermer I'm so indie h8in on mainstream, i listen to xfm all day rahrah - because that's a lie, when it comes down to certain people/groups of people we all subconsciously do. 
Who do we need to impress? Kinda sad really, but nevermind huh! 


Something that has made me smile today is the fact I had a massage, and my cat.

That is all

Mind The Gap;

ps, 13 went really well - soz I didn't report on that but thanks if anyone reading came :) we start our new show tomorrow! :D

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