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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

blog numero un!

..+ welcome to my little blog; mind the gap ;)

weeeell, i wont ramble on about the whole 'about me' palavaaaas.. because i'm sure this thing will soon tell you enough about me anyways :) oh, you lucky people!

but just to set the record straight .. my name is Paiige Matthews
but my friends call me Podge .. [or iPodge, which i think is SO clever!] so feel free :)

.. as this is my first blog i would just like to point out a few things you should be aware of: ;)
  1. The whole 'mind the gap' thing is a reference to my, significant, to say the least, teeth. Yes, i am aware that there is a large gap there .. which is why i'd prefer to admit it so you can't mug me off behind my back.. because I KNOW. haha :)
  2. I WILL, [and that's a promise] mention Hayley Williams and Pete Wentz often.. don't get annoyed.. join my club. She is amazing. And if you can't see it.. get yourself down specsavers, pronto. :D
  3. I also will mention Twilight .. because it is amazing. :)
  4. If you can speak french.. speak to me in it.. i'm learning :) and i love it!!

safe to all de mandem!!!

i jokeeeeee.. don't listen to that last comment, or read.. have a nice evening!!! :D


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