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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

this is an actual blogg =D

Okay, so i just done that other blog which was probobly pointless but aaah well :)
Today was an average daaaaaay I spose.. started on a downer..
i got up and this fucking eye infection of mine is back isn't it?? Taken the antibiotics for TWO WEEKS and now it's back??
In conclusion: god hates me.
He also hates me because my laptop is still not fully functioning!! I've been on ebuddy for about 2 months now and the speakers don't work!!!
... Which makes life harder because I can't listen to the iTunes, or watch JONNY B's LUNCHTIME SKANK ON YOUTUBE :L
But tbhhh - it dosen't really need sound, it's funny enough just watching it.. see for yourselves:
Oooh yeah, and btw.. ADD ME ON FACEBOOK, search: Paiige Matthews
i should be the only one there.. if not just look for big teeth and ginger hair. (Y)
iPodge =D

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