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Thursday, October 1, 2009

could i BE wearing any more clothes?!! :D

An okay day at school; a nice trip after [well, it passed the time]; and Hayley Williams is singing to me.. I'm in SUCH a good mood tonight!!
I like random feelings of goodness.. it's a shame I haven't really got anyone to share it with atm: my Mum is out and my sister has buggered off upstairs..
Oooh, and whilst we're on that subject - I've got a 'FREEEEEEE YARDDD' tonight - yes, yes - Lisa is out with the boyfriend [as she is every Thursday] and I'm feeling to have people round + take advantage for once..
It's 19:27.. bit late notice now though I guess?? Dang! I wish my friends could drive..
Hmm, i should really stop talking now about free yarrds, it might ruin my good feeling ;)
Moving swiftly on..
Well, who don't? ;) Anywaaaaaays, after a bit of a spatz this morning.. ROBYN [aka Drego] and I went to Carnaby Street [it's like just off Oxford Street] to go to the Central Perk cafe!!!
It's gay for the following reasons:
  1. It's only open for TWO WEEKS?!??
  2. It closes at 6pm
  3. It's very popular, hence HENCH cues. [haha, 'hence hench']

Becauseeee of 1 & 2 .. and school finishing at an inconvenient time.. we got there at 4:40, and a lady advised us to not bother as we will be waiting ageeees and by the time we would get in it would be shut!

But there's good news:

  1. We don't have to be in school till half 9 tomorrow
  2. It opens at 9am
  3. It's not busy in the morning!

So we have resheduled this for tomorrow morning!! Will probobly end up getting to school about half an hour late.. but it's only PE.. and it's understandable truanty: GUNTHER might be there, it's potentially a great KODAK MOMENT opportunity, and we get to see Rachels wedding dress.. among other famous props ;)
..haha, we're kinda sad :/
Ahh well!

More good news is that there's always good eye candy down London ;)
But WHY, oh WHY aren't there boys with fashion sense of that standard in Ruislip!?
Skinny jeans.. ugg boots.. lumberjack shirts.. leather jackets.. doc martens.. checked scarves.. raybans..

..i don't think that's too much to ask tbh. :) ..oh well - they're the ones missing out on the girls!!

Hmm.. but then we're missing out on fashionable guys, argh.. maybe i shouldn't of said that.. oh well. A trek never hurt anyone? LOL.

I'm gonna leave it here for now today i think and listen to the Paramore album :)
I'll report back tomorrow to go on more about Central Perk :D


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