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Friday, October 2, 2009

so ladies if you're wearing open-toe heels, remember to shave your toes!!


Okay, let's not waste time with a witty/funny opening, and crack on with what everyone's anticipating.. ;)

muahaha, it was a nice morning, and ultimately made my day! But the prodcedure briefly went as follows:
Woke up, weetabix [we were out of minis (N)], bath, dressed, makeup, hair, left the yard..

  • Got to the bus stop at 7:46 .. waited.

  • 8.00am: bus stop.. still waiting - decided to walk to South Ruislip Station
  • I look back and see the bus comming so very quickly walk back
  • Met Robyn at Ruislip Gardens .. went to Oxford Circus ..
And there we were; at an impressive replica of my favourite TV shows signature coffee house with a free Mochachino ;) was pretty early, but couldn't complain!!
Pretty crazy though - we get there around 8:55 [before it's even open!] and there's already a reasonably lengthy cue outside!! ..Doors opened at 9.. and we're in by 9.15 - not bad eh?! =D

I think the coffee perked me up [haha, nice irony there: central PERK ;) heh] .. i did have Robyns too though; she didn't like it ??!!
Silly people.

Not much of a coffee drinker myself.. isn't coffee supposed to be more posh or something? You can't really have it with biscuits, so I guess not. A capacinno is nice from time to time and did have a Mocha Latte fetish after Ciaras sleepover..
I think that fetish is coming back :) muhaha.. it's funny, i didn't know how to make normal coffee until i started working in the bakery - is that stupid??
Well, i guess you could say it was when a customer asked for black coffee, only for me to reply .. "do you want milk in that?"
..thankfully i learn from my mistakes :)

So yeah, was overal a nice morning.. that came at a price:
Monday Morning = 30 Minute Detention :/
let's break this down:
  1. Monday morning = 1 hour late; for some reason my alarm didn't go off until 8am?? :S
  2. Tuesday morning = 45 mins late; was waiting for the E7 for an HOUR :| walking was out of the question
  3. Today = 1 hour 30 mins late; "i met Robyn in Ruislip to go costa, but she forgot her phone, so got the 331 back to Harefield.. got her key, and her Mum gave us a lift back.. but unfortunately the car broke down so we ended up waiting aages for the RAC"
    BUT.. dispite the fact that we actually got Robyns Mum to ring the school up on behalf of BOTH of us.. my lateness is unorthorized??
    ..Silly people

But yeah, here are some pictures.. the rest i've put on facebook: Paiige Matthews, if you haven't already added! =D

 i best get on - I'm supposed to be meeting Hagan around 7, and i'm yet to have a shower and dry my hair etc etc..
but i've been a bit preo-occupied by Jeremy Kyle and Drag Queen Makeover.
Now i could probobly guess what you're thinking.. but this is funny shit. ITV2 (Y)
But they do look so much better to be fair.. the beard gave the game away even if I do say so myself.

Enough chit chat, I need to sort myself out!!
Have a nice weekend people :)

Mind The Gap;

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