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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ahh, so many good, positive thoughts right now :)

Today at school cracked a few jokes:
in a nut shell.. me, robyn, leigh-anne n'aime pas participating in pe.
so we participate in cracking jokes [eugh, varied language is bad today] by making up wierd, crude charachters = Sally + Brian.
Have a look on facebook ;) > Paiige Matthews

Within 2 videos featuring a tribute to 'The Jam' and 'Wham' .. a 'Cribs' exclusive, and a peek of me on the shitter.

..But not really ;)

I saw a film today with Hogan
"The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnasuss"
It was actually SO good!!

I'm not gonna write a review here.. cos let's be real; that's for old people.
And this blog is not for old people.
But if you're old.. by all means, do not feel offended -
it's not that i don't want you to read this.. it's just that your kids will cringe if they knew you were reading this maybe..
plus it's wierd.

But yes, the film was good.
It was Heath Ledgers last film before he died [bad times, he is so hot, and extremely talented]
Well.. i found out he died halfway through filming.. so they used Johnny Depp, Jude Law and some other guy to replace him for inside of the 'Imaginarium'
It was very very clever how they incorporated them into the film.

I'd love an imaginorium.. it'd probobly be like this:

1) I'd be on telly, and Kasha would be my agent :)
[Fame + Money would come with this package] ..Presenting with either my BUDD Leara or sketches with BRIAN.. 'Robyn' ;)
2) I'd have a tiny dog in a handbag - but not a shaven one. Because it reminds me of my uncle.
3) I'd be with Pete Wentz, Danny Dyer or Brad Pitt..
4)Hayley Williams would be my best friend
5) I'd share a wardrobe with Lady Gaga
6) Kristen Stewart would die and i'd take on her role as Bella :)
7) And everyone would get a free token for a pedicure and general foot sort out; anti-verrucas; anti-hardskin; anti-stink; generally anti-ugly feet please.
But it would still be illegal to get them out. Just nice feet for your own pleasure.

Can't argue with that?
i got my new laptop with my bdayyy money!! :)
no-one really seems to share my exciment.. but this thing is my new baby.
It's soo tiny; 10.2 inches ;)
and i've called it Mini Darkness.. or MD.
Because it's mini and black.
muhaha :)

Apparently my Nan and Grandad have bought the same laptop :L
It's cute.. but how embarrassing would it be to be facebooked by your Nan??
Okay.. not that bad.. but comments on photos etc etc??
No Thanks Nan :/

Aw, but i do love my Nan.
It was my Grandads birthday yesterday too :)

Anyways.. it's now 1am, and i should get some sleep.
So i can wake up early and sort out what i'm doing tomorrow and actually do it.

Mind The Gap;
iPodge :)

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