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Monday, October 12, 2009

scribbled out the truth with their lies

Well I know that my sister, Hagan, and Brother wont be too pleased [or surprised tbh] ..
but i want more piercings :)

I don't see the big deal; because you can take them out. Which is more than what you can say for a tattoo!! I don't have many anyway.. but just a few more would look pretty and that will be IT!

Okay.. so I have:
- Scaffolding [does that count as one or two piercings?? i'm not too sure]
- Snug
- Rook
- Lobes [which don't reeeally count]

And now i would like:
- 2nd hole on my earlobes
- Surface vertical tragus piercing:

excuse the ugly lobe piercings.. but i do also like the really small stretcher on the 2nd hole. I'd like that but on my first hole :)
I think that this one is different and it's through the skin .. so it probobly would hurt less then getting the actual tragus pierced :D

- Finger Surface Piercing

Yes it's kind of random.. but it's pretty and perhaps a nice alternative to a ring?
I showed my Mum and she says she wants it done :|

But anywhoooo - what does everyone think of this?
I think it's cool. And none of them are too 'metally merr merr i want to die' .. which is kind of the response i get from the scaffolding :|

i probobly wont have all these piercings till like.. next year.
I am SAVING for a laptop :O
with my bday money and my xmas moneys :)
...let's just hope that i resist spending it in the meantime :s

Damn the credit crunch.
Money is so extremely easy to burn these days (N)
I wish i had cash to burn.. it'd smell good.
But just plain silly.

Today was kinda pants really, yet again uneventful and boring.
Well that's school!
But on the plus side.. our dreadful maths teacher NOR my form tutor were not in today :)
Such a cliche to say this [and yes i really have grasped the meaning of the word 'cliche'] .. but i swear teachers are out to deliberately make your life difficult??
Or do they just like being picky little pricks?
Hmm, we'll never know. I'm guessing they're just pricks.

I don't think i'll ever get bored of Paramores 'Brand New Eyes' album.
However, i'm scaredd i will so i have put the 'Riot' album on now after repeating Brand New Eyes 3 times straight..
with a couple repeats of Brick By Boring Brick :) 
Now that is a tune and a half.
oh, and I want to marry Hayley Williams.
for the following reasons:
  1. She's georgeous
  2. She's talented
  3. She's original
  4. She's famous
  5. She's a general legend
infact.. i would like to be her. But still...
I don't think many people appreciate individuality as much these days..
let's be real;
you see a pretty girl with orange hair and yellow skinnies..
first thought: wierd
hmm... it's understandable. but that dosen't nesissarily make it bad, right?

Look at me.. sounding like a teacher..
..or a picky little prick?
Let's stop now.

my cats just had a fight.
and one of them knocked the kitchen roll in a bowl of mushrooms.

it's my birthday on wednesday.
and i don't know what i'm going to/want to do

i want some weetabix.
but there is only 1 left.. and 1 weetabik is crap :/
cookie crisp?

i can't think of annother reason to say 'aahh'
so... SAFE!!

Mind The Gap;
[the notorious..]
iPodge :)

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