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Sunday, October 11, 2009

i want to get my finger pierced

Ahhh I haven't written a blog for a few days have I??!!

Well, i have muchhh I would like to share:
  1. My birthday 'gathering' was a sucess.. and a bit of a fail at the same time.

    ..So Friday after school i gwaaaaaan [i really don't know if that's the right context :L] back to my housee, run a bath and get readyy for my mandem [muhahhaha] to arrive :)
Cattttt first, then Robyn.. etc.. etc etc..............................
With Hagan and Munro turning up late.. 9ish??

Tut tut!

Anyways, it turned out a fun night and my worring was quite silly now i think about it.
I should do this kinda thing when i get a 'free yard'.. but that's only on a Thursday ..
= school night = inconvenient!


Hahaha is it me or does the word 'dammit' remind you of the asian shopkeeper guy in The Simpsons or Kerpal the prank call ting?
Only when it's written like that though; dammit, haha :)

And wooo i did FINALLY get something to wear!!! This one armed shoulder dress tingggg, and i like it :) Muhaha.

But i couldn't find my black bra .. so in pics you can see the stripey one i wore instead :/
btw .. Pics > Facebook > Paiige Matthews   ;) skeeeeen!!

Ohh.. and the 'fail' part??
Hmm.. let's not go into detail. But lets just say my mother turned into a scary woman.

LOL... just came to my head: 'smell my fingers, serious'
quote of the night! :L

    2. Science homework is effort.

I spent a total 2 and a half hours in the internet cafe in saturday :|

'Plan An Experiment: Why/how would changing the starting temperature of water effect the rate of thermal transfer'

In a nut shell let's just say that I wouldn't be gutted if i never faced that question again.

I don't see the point in science really.. why do we need to learn about rocks? Plants? Periodic table? What happens when you mix poo with carbon? ..
.. Ridicolus!!

That would be interesting though.. poo and carbon. Or something.
Like, you could drink loads of vodka and curry before.. it could like, set on fire and the ashes might turn back into uncle bens or something.
I'll mention that one to Sir.

3. I need to dye my hair.

Not only because my roots are getting bad, but i'm getting bored.

I'm in two minds... try to incorporate more Hayley Williams.. or blonde Diana Vickers?
Ain't gonna lie.. i do love Hayley more.. but
Dianas hair = WOAH
Hayleys hair = Amazing Different!
Amazing Different.. WOAH.. Amazing Different.. WOAH.

Ahh!! :/
Blonde is effort though.. hmm.. i'll make my mind up soon.

SAFE FOR NOW .. too much homework!!
i've got steak for dinner too :)

Mind The Gap;

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