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Monday, October 19, 2009

baby remember my name!!

Okay, I don't think last night could have been a much shittier blog.

Thing's [surprise surprise] haven't changed, but i'm not grumpy tonight.
Wow - i'm turning into a scitzo!
Scitzo's must be good actors though.. is Batman a Scitzo? Or Spiderman?
If they are - then scitzos can't be that bad!
Someone told me the Joker was a scitzo.. but that's irrevelvant, because he's still the good kind;
Have you SEEN Heath Ledger!!

But taking things to a positive level:
[and one day]

Muhaha. Arizona and I have actually BOOKED tickets - i don't think many people realize how unmissable this is.
It's a cinematic phenomenon.
It's inevitable;

It's been too long.. too long.. i might just try and read the whole saga again.
God know's how many time's i've said that.. but i will get round to it eventually. muha :)

There wont be a dry eye in the house when Edward breaks up with Bella :'[
It's emotional stuff.

But wow, i'm a hungry motherfucka tonight!!
Well, not hungry.. you know when you just got that skanky taste of nothing in your mouth?
Yeh.. i should really eat something, but cba to move!

Wow i'm getting lazy!! It's a push to get me to walk down the shop!
Maybe it's the amount of sleep i get.. but don't you find that if you go to sleep early it's harder to wake up?

Hmm..maybe i should try that tonight.

Mind The Gap!

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