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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

she maybe straightening his tie!!!

Woahhhhhh - Just got back from a kind-of christmassy Annie rehersal and it's just hit me...

It's ALMOST christmas :/

I'm not prepared for this; spending lots of money on gifts that people don't actually like them.

Boys are the worst to shop for..
Because personally, as a girl [with a vagina] ..i like clothes, perfume etc etc..
But what do boys appreciate? Hmm..

Well, at least i don't have to worry about my Dad; he will not/refuses to accept ANY birthday/christmas presents. Perhaps he's not a festive person.. he gives.. but wont take.. which is nice i guess..
That whole 'give no take' prospect reminds me of Robin Hood??

The disney one with the fox and it's reallllly poo?? I think the saying was 'steal from the rich and give to the poor' which is almost the same right? ;)

Hey, dosen't that seem like communism? Wow, Robin  Hood was a communist!!
Them History lessons are paying off!! Bah!

It would kinda suck for a communist state though, wouldn't it? Well, not for tramps.
Hmm, lets be gay and weigh out the pros and cons here:

Don't have to be jealous
Don't have to be embarrassed/intimidated if you're friends etc had loads of nice stuff and you didn't
Wont starve
[Possibly] Wont have to do much work for you're money!
No-one can call you spoilt/rich bitch etc etc [haha.. do people actually say 'rich bitch'? ..cos i just made that up] or call you poor/trampy etc etc [but that's just mean]

Might not earn enough for what you do
You have nothing special to be proud of/show off

Hmm - turns out it would actually be a good thing??!!
Maybe it's just the social side that gets me - i quite like being jealous of people. Well, not really.. but it gives my imagination a good bit of exercise; dreaming buying of real ugg boots and spending hundreds to make my hair hayley-perfecto..

My imagination is in overdrive right now - seriously.. i daydream too much.
We'll be in Science and Miss will say 'you're driving me potty year 10!' and there i'll go reminising to pottys and potty training and the fustration of it not flushing and how my baby cousins poo was green once..

I never actually found out why that was :|
But something definately wasn't right there.
I hope his poo isn't green now, how embarrassing!

Wow - if i was a doctor dealing with some green poo, i'd HATE communism .. poo/bum handling deserves a bonus alone, it smells too much.

However i wouldn't mind communism; £3.50 an hour isn't working as well for me as i thought it would.. communist state is BOUND to raise my pay! MUHAHA :)

i'm being a dork today, so i think i'll stop and curl my hair.

Mind The Gap; [be wary - it's getting bigger!]

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