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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i'm going to fall asleep in a minute..

You see some wierd couples sometimes.
Like, you have the ones that will break out in a huge row in the middle of Tescos.. or you have the ones that are all over eachother.. all the time.
But today I saw a couple which were neither. They looked like the just wanted to dig a hole and die.
Picture this:
A lanky man with shoulder length straight greasy hair and a long navy coat
A chubby short girl with a beanie hat.. and [also] a greasy fringe sticking out the front of it
They were holding hands [was the most affection i saw from both of them]
And both their facial expressions looked like this: ...
Both silently walking in unison.. no headphones.. no eye contact, just straight up :|
And no, they weren't goths. They were just wierd.

I see that guy at my bus stop every morning actually.. the amount of times i've wanted to nudge him and say "Crack a smile, love" are ridiculous.
But wahey, being coupley is cute.. and cute is good :)

I think it's cute when people have songs that relate to a certain memory, or which are significantly special within their relationships and friendships.
 However, a song is always there; - on your ipod, your phone, a cd... but you can't always have it that way with people.. it sucks sometimes.

It's like how 'Everytime We Touch' by Cascada reminds me of holiday :)
Or how 'F UR EX' reminds me of Robyn
Amongst others...

But yeah, today was pretty crap! (Y)

Mind The Gap;

so far away, far away,
been away for far too long

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