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Monday, October 5, 2009

this is a chemist, not a jokers shop!

Well after an hour of Ms Kohli's winge, failure with finding a new outfit and a mochachino [yes, the fetish is working its way back] .. I think it's safe to say that today has been fairly uneventful.

But i have set myself some goals:
  • Learn 'Six Feet Under The Stars' acoustic on the guitar.. and get Charles, or someone to teach me.
  • [Sell my guitar so i can get an electro-acoustic one instead] MUHA
  • Catch up on who got through XFactor
  • Finalize what's actually happening regarding my birthday celebration on Friday?
For some reason, i'm really worried about having this bday 'gathering' .. i'm a paranoid person. But merr, fingers crossed for a good niightt and ultimately a good birthday.
Even though it's not till next Wednesday? :S
hmm, would it be gay for me to go for an orange wednesday on my birthday?

Fame! looks pretty good.. or Funny People.. it's got Seth Rogen in it so... <3
Is that even in cinema still?
speaking of cinema, NEW MOON is out in just over a month. And there's not gonna be a premiere in the UK? WHAT THE HELL!!??
Wow, how quick has this year gone since Twilight came out in cinema? I remember it comming out.. 19th December ;)
I can't wait.
Taylor Laughtner
..omg. <3

Moving on to something not so lush.. i found out that people can get their tounges stretched today.
Don't get me wrong, i do like a piercing.. but that takes wierd to the next level.
I've noticed that if you google 'piercings' it tends to be the really ugly people who cover themselves with them. I spose you could argue they might just look ugly because of the piercings.. but surely you wouldn't do that to your face if you were reasonably good looking? It's like Hayley Williams being ugly and-  
..wait, that can't happen :/
Hmm, i can't think of an example..
But they're still ugly. And beardy.

Ew.. beardies :|

You can also get your nostrils and the top of your ear stretched too.. it's gross.
Everyone would see your bogeys.. and there wouldn't be any nostril hair for them to hang on to..
EW - how would you blow your nose?
Tramps would probobly just pick them.. easy access i guess.

 But yeah :)
.. Don't dumb people make you laugh?
My sister is dumb. Let's be real.
I do love my sister.. but when she says that people from Canada are 'Canadish' and that there are loads of 'Iraqians' in her college class and asks if Cornish icecream is from Cornwall.. you have to LOL :L
Like Karen from Mean Girls, she's dopey. But she's probobly the funniest Mean Girl.

..It would be cool to have weather-predicting boobs though.
Although, I suppose nipple erections do that..
Aw, Miss L always has them at school... and a camel toe. I don't think the poor woman don't have much self awareness.
With Winter on it's way.. let's hope she bought some thicker bras. And some baggy trousers.

Wow, this is turning bitchy. This has to stop!!
Heh, i like gossiping too much.


Mind The Gap;
iPodge :)

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