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Sunday, October 4, 2009

taste the rainbow

Wow, this weekend feels like it's gone on foreverrrrrr!!
But i kinda like it ya no ;)

I still can't believe my brief  blog yday... but there wasn't all that much to say.
but i was exposed in the bra shop. :/

Maybe it was just the fact that it was a posh shop.. it could very well be standard procedure in there - but that woman was a bit too much for my liking;
She just took my bra off! Leaving me to stand there catching a draft, holding on for dear life..

Only for her to come out with possibly one of the granniest bras i've ever seen in my life!!
But it was very comfortable... and £65 :|
No, I did not buy it: I am not a mug.

And today?
Well, i like i said.. i stayed at my Nans last night. I love my Nan + Grandad.
Why do Nans always try to fatten you up? Everytime i go down there, there's contstant offerings of munch and takeaways. I really do need to stop - for the past 3 weeks i've had at least 3 takeaways a week. I can see the shadow of a 2nd chin on my neck already.
So today I had work and it was boring. But Catherine + I did crack some good jokes.
I love Catherine.

And then i saw the Hagan. Aka insult machine.. i don't really look like Alan Carr do i?  :/
I don't think i can ever listen to banghra or asian music again either, or watch Slumdog Millionaire.. LOL :) But yes, I saw Hagan. And he bought wine gums, ewwwwwwwwwww!! I, on the other hand, bought cat food; Felix, Rabbit in Jelly. (Y)
Hah :)

My Mums got a film on that's set in around the 90s. The 90s were so cool.
I remember when we used to watch SMTV every Saturday morning.. and that Pokermon Cards were amazing, except for the 'Energy' cards because they weren't shiny.
Haha, aww.. i miss being young. For some reason 'youth' reminds me of Katy Perry. She just looks kinda innocent i think. But let's be real; she isn't.
Which makes sence.. beacause kids can look so cute.. but then they could just go off and use your razor and try to copy their Dads in shaving their face.. or something un-innocent or stupid like that.
I did that. My hands, face, arms.. everywhere.
I'm glad i don't have scars. I was like Edward Sisscorhands.. just with a razor and about 30 years younger.
Ahh, innocence is a precious, cute thing :) aww.

I really like 'Not Nineteen Forever' by The Courteeners.
I'm not gonna lie, thought it was crap at first. Robyn sent me it and I didn't really give it a chance.
"You're not ninteen forever pull yourself together, I know it seems strange but things they change."
Ooh, that links in well with my 'innocence' shpiel. But i meant it a bit younger, still works though. :)
It's wierd how lyrics can relate to different things. Hmm.

MER.. i have school tomorrow.
It's actually SO shit.. i would like to move. But it's hassle, and inconvenient.

I must dash... should get some sleep; have to wake up earlier than usual due to my detention [WHY in the morning] ridicolus.

Mind The Gap;
iPodge :) x

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