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Saturday, October 3, 2009

short and snappy

Hmm, today was extremely average. But i'll try and make it interesting :)

In a nutshell:
I went to Westfields.
[that's a very large shopping centre] ;)

The day started pretty gay because I was the ONLY one in the group of us to turn up ontime :/
"South Ruislip Station at 1 o'clock"
Whatta fail!

Anyways, got to 1.20 and most of us were at South Ruislip, [Me, Robyn, Keira, Arizona, Aimee]
And Zoe, Jodie & Tilly got on the same train as us at Ruislip Gardens ;)

i've been banished out of the house tonight; eugh, mums boyfriend etc etc..

So nowww, i'm staying at my Nanssssssss house.. and i've got work in the morning :/

Ahh.. i so can't be bothered. And i feel dissapointed in myself for writing such a shit blog.

But my brother's here to pick me up now.. so yeah :/

Mind The Gap;

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