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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

now now children

I haven't done a blog in a while .. again!!

Wow, well it would be nice to say I've been busy - which, i suppose i have really.
But not busy doing cool things like going to foam parties or go karting or waking up with straight teeth.

Becuase today, Catherine and I decided to go 'Charity Shopping' - yes, in a charity shop.. or THREE ;)
For jokes.. because we evidently don't have much else to do with ourselves!!
i did actually get 3 jumpers.. and it was a good laugh!
They're kinda grannyish.. but cute though :) and i like them :)

And LOL.. i got a christmas jumper :)

So i guess, I did spend 1 fraction of a day in my half term having a laugh in a charity shop.
But straight teeth wouldn't go a miss..

I'm seriously getting a bit embarrassed now .. it's become a sort of 'trade mark' which i don't mind; i'll take the piss out myself a bit.. but it's got to the extent where now even my Dad and Brother are taking the mihickey!! - [pronounced ma-hick-ee] ;)
It's just like.. wow guys, just attack me at all angles guys and kick me while i'm down why don't ya!
..and right in the teeth, at that!

Okay.. we're at a meal: My brother says something funny..
I laugh.
Que teeth exposure..
Brother: "Ahaha look at ol' teeth-face over there chucklin?"
Dad: "Yeah, when you gonna get them knashers sorted out?"

Baha, I did LOL at that comment, which didn't help. But seriously.. if i get braces i will just be reaally ugly.
And i can't deal with any more butters!

Eugh, i really hate Jonny Rotten in that butter ad.
He's not funny.
He was in that band weren't he.. and they had an album called 'God Save The Queen'
And now he's trying to sue an ice cream company called 'God Save The Cream'
He seems a bit of a prick!
But i saw that on some documentry ;)

My grandad actually watches some good stuff you know!
I would actually sit and watch a documentry about the war with him now.. maybe it's old age kickin in.. or i'm just a nerd.
Either way - he's a cool guy!!
He has a tracksuit.
And nike trainers.
Wow. <3

I love my grandad :)

Mind The Gap;

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