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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

wanna fish?


I'm back [from forgetting about this] and have decided to write a blog! :o

Well well well, i played NETBALL today!!
I love netball!! Haven't played it for like a year though :(

Okay, okay.. i admit, i reckon a have quite a high metabolism considering i eat so much SHIT and NEVER do PE.. and i'm not actually fat!! :D

I'm not sure if there's a fat gene in my family.. i can't work out if they're on the cuddly chubby side of life or weather people generally get fat as they get old. One side of my family's fatter than the other.. and I've been told i've more features of the slimmer side.. which is good if there's a fat gene on the other side. But would be interesting to know if there was..

But anyways!
I'm quite slim, which, [fat gene or not], is good times - but today i felt the pain!!

One 14 minute game had passed and I thought i was gonna die ... i actually wondered "is this how fat people feel?" because my chest felt tight [like is was packed with cholestoral or some sort of fat person ingredient], and i couldn't feel my bum either :/

Speaking of fat people.. i found [well, Robyn showed me] a hilarious video on youtube;
thaaat's right:
Check that video.. if you don't find that funny, you're a FON.

That's right, a FON.
It's my new word.. and it means 'freak of nature' [yes, that's what the F.O.N stands for]
Thought i'd give an interesting twist to an old saying just to spice up my vocabulary range ;)

and he's got 'titties lika woman.. titties lika woman!!'
teehee :)

and OMG
I'm going to see NEW MOTHERLICKIN MOON in 16 days!!!

Bare Excited
I need weetabix.

Mind The Gap;
iPodge :)

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