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Saturday, November 7, 2009

full monty

Yohoho and a bottle of rum ;)

Pirates are exciting people.
  1. They have a cool sorta lingo
  2. They're always travelling to different places
  3. They can look cool with ripped shirts and peg legs and are the only people who'd get away with gum disease.
I'm sure a great uncle of mine has gum disease. It's quite jokes/butters/monged out.
I just saw the Pirates Of The Carribbean dvd case so thought it'd talk about it :]

  1. They'd have death breath [or 'breath of death] whatever you please
  2. They might get sccurrvvy
  3. Sometimes they look like perverts

Don't you hate it when girls go as pirates to halloween parties and stuff all sexy etc? It dosen't do them justice!!
You could call it 'a pirates hoe' but not a pirate ..just, no.

And there you go; a blog all about pirates!!

Mind The Gap;
iPodge :)

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