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Monday, November 9, 2009

curtis rocks my feet garments

Okay, so I've been looking at some other blogs i follow..

and most of them are about makeup!!

Yet they have loaadsss of followers and comments.
I talk about normal things.. or boring things which i try to make sound interesting for [whoever reads this] enjoyment :]
So now i'm thinking... should I do reviews? I don't really test out alot of stuff.. but I go cinema alot.. perhaps that could be an idea.. although i'm a dedicated/bias twilight fan - nothing could possibly measure up!! :)

Btw..11 days till new moon! :D

Or i could continue to ramble about real life.. real life is interesting. They're my favourite bits in magazines.
Perhaps this is only interesting to people who know me.. because they know how i roll etctec..
Hmm... therefore

But on a brighter note, i got a new coat today :)

Yes, yes.. after a weeks' search [and several changes of mind] i achete un coat in H&M.. which seemed to be suitable :]
The Hagan accompanied me to Westfields, and throughout the search the following problems occured:

  • The coat i had my heart set on [which i decided on saturday] turned out to make me look chubby and ridicolos in my school uniform

  • MOST coats made me look chubby [why oh WHY does it curve in high on the waist and puff out at the bottom?? I'm not a fucking daddy long legs, new look - sort it out!!]

  • Hence i got a bit of a strop

  • Chinese/various asians tend to walk in my way

  • Liam made a tooth joke

  • I got grumpy/hungry

...But then i had a loveeeeeeeely chicken and bacon toasted sandwhich and hot chocolate viaa COSTAA, i forgave Hagan, H&M designers had seen the light and created a coat-for-the-normads.. and times were good.

It was after this, that Hagan suggested a visit to HMV.. which was enriching because:



  • it smells good in there.

and i got a sexy bigbigbig poster of sexysexysexy taylor laugtner.. and a companion book for New Moon.
I'm so excited!!!!

But the 'wish list' has increased'

  • Paramore poster [but not the one where [i dare say it] Hayley looks buutaz. She was having an off day I guess and i accept that. don't worry hayley.]

  • A tin [wait for it... not full of biscuits] but Twilight journals! [yes, i really am that gay.. but people will see the front and be like OMG OMG OMG IS THIS AN EXCLUSSIVE EDITION OF ONE OF THE TWILIGHT BOOKS??.. and then upon opening.. instead of a yummy tense opening to a new twist in the ever-eventful relationship of bella swan and ed cullen.. they'd be greeted by a lovely handwritten message from me saying "MERR, THIS IS iPODGES BOOK. apologies for oh so slying intising you into this.. but i guess i'm just like Edward ;) ..except my mum drives a fiat and i can't read your mind. but i write a blog so you can read mine instead if you want innit. TEAM JACOB (Y)"]

  • The Taylor Laughtner book on new moon.. aka porn

But ayeeeeee.
It's also day 1 of my healthy eating/get fit regime .. i haven't had a chicken mayo yet which is good. But i haven't done my target 1000 calories a day on the exercise bike [courtesy of nan] .. but i walked bare around westfield with heavy bags. so it's cool.

i want my sister to get a job in pets at home and take my cats there.

Mind The Gap;

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