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Monday, November 16, 2009

let them eat cake!

Well, well, well.. it appears i seem to be slacking on the blogs again!!

Silly me..well, i guess i can say i've been pre-ocupied with:
  1. History homework - it's a long ting and it's not funny.
  2. General poo .. i really do waste so much time. And i say 'poo' so much it's kinda weird.
Indeeedio, my love for blogging [which i haven't shown so much lately, but really..] I've encouraged my friend to start writing a blog!! He shares my annoyance that there don't seem to be NORMAL blogs out there.. but alas, i've found one that makes me 'COL' [chuckle out loud - it's a new ting]
Check his ass out.. he also likes french!!

Safe guys!!

I've already put it as my facebook status today [Paiige iPodge Matthews], but i found this quite WOW:

"URBAN DICTIONARY; 'Podge' Come's from the Geek Legend 'Podgimus Maximus' Hence the word 'Podge' meaning legend, cool, basically an Idol for normal people 'Gee Dave, i wish i was as cool as 'Podge' .. 'Can i have yor autograph 'Podge?'

I'm not vain. But there is truth in this!! I like how they use the name 'Dave' too, that also made me COL.
Aswell as this however, there were several definitions of Podge relating to being chubby/fat :|
Which is cool.. cos i knew that anyway... but this was particularly pleasing.. especially as my sister came out as minx/slut

If you got the money.. i think it would be funny to take your girl and spend a bit of your cash for me!

I wish i had more money - depressing times.. xmas presents MERRRRRRRR. effort.
i'm so shit with presents.
i'm better with cards.. i could write soppy cards to people all day :) plus, they're more meaningful etc etc!

and wow, jamie t <3

and wow... isn't xfactor is juicy atm!?

eat cake and get fat, people.

Mind The Gap;
iPodge :)

ps, i love you hagan!
and stalin is an actual cunt.

1 comment:

  1. <3
    You're blog is just as cool!
    And now Abi's writing them too!
    Bonne temps mon cherie!