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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

5 things that are wrong with my life

Do you ever just sit there sometimes, in a lesson or whatever.. and go off in a daydream.. and you miss completely everything?

Yeah, i do that so much.. i really want to know how it works - how you just suddenly don't hear or see anything [don't bother saying 'don't see anything?? *puzzled face* uh, babes.. go specsavers' - because FYI i'm actually a frequent customer, but i'm quite certain i can blank things out in my own head] and it's just WHY?? :o

I think about random things and conversations that i might have because of the consequences of something else, or just generally reminice.. and when i come back to earth i get pissed because suddenly i can't remember what i was thinking about. Or i LOL, and then feel like a prick..
Because when i daydream & have an outburst of LOL, more often than not i'm actually imagining a piece of poo :/
[the type that comes out the shitter]
But poo itself is worthy of a LOL - or so i'm convinced. .. it's a winner :]

So i guess now that's one ting wrong with my life.. but let's cut to the chase and list the rest out. Because let's be real - did anyone actually read all of that? :S

  • I daydream about, literally, poo
  • I CHOOSE, to dye my hair ginger in an attempt to re-create/become a clone of an individual of the same sex whom i happen to be in love with... alas, my sister thinks i'm a lesbian. [for the record: i'm not, i've never questioned my sexuality & i do have a boyfriend called HOGAN :D ..i feel sorry for him now]
  • I waste too much time [thinking into too much depth, getting paranoid, on facebook, eating, moaning, and poo]
  • I know that the bus i take to school always comes at either 7:58 or 8:06, without fail, and the bus driver is either a fat bald man or a little asian midget with a scarf. [it depends on what time it comes]
  • I have 4 cats called overmars, sabrina, muffin and olaf :|   i have no excuse for this, to say it was inevitable would be a lie. So i wont go into depth about this one.
So that's that done!!

And to wrap up my day?
I made a mini timetable in English [efficient much?]
There was a shoe in one of the girls toilets yesterday
ANNIE [the show i'm in] starts 3 WEEKS TODAY.
The middle of chicken kiev always has too much garlic

Mind The Gap;
iPodge :] x

ps, i'd just like to express my delight that more mandem are getting blogs :)
curtis.. abi.. jessamine and perhaps even my ole buddd Jessica 'Johnny Juice' Packman!
And thankyou muchly CURTIS AND ABI for the mentions in de blogs - their blogs are funny shizzzzzz, and they are pretty cool people too... corrr, a bunch of lookers i tell 'ya ;)


  1. ooooh, i love that i mentioned :)
    i have no idea how to post my blog on facebook :D
    but your mentioned in my very first haha :D xx

  2. wooo!! :D
    just put the link in your status and it will come up with the webpage etc :D

  3. I LOVE the mention at the end. Thanks mon cherie <3

  4. I've just realized how much my first blog sounds like yours...I swear it's like we're one mind :)

  5. I also love the mention Pidz. xD
    &Jade just doesn't appreciate Paramore OR Hayley Williams!