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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ready i'm ready to go

Argh, my hiccup problem is becomming increasingly more obvious.

But on a positive note, Robyn's also got a blogger. HAHA :]

And i actually did PE today.. which [if you know me] isn't something i normally enjoy to participate in. Mer-hah :]

And allllso.. i had a caricature done today by Ciara. She's a cow. Unfortunately she has less features which are easy to take the piss out of. Whereas i had: the ginge hair, [gravestone] teeth, bar in my ear, boobs and greeengreengreen glasses!!

pretty funny though, no?! ;)

Haha, anyways. I've got nothing to talk about and cba for blogging right now; i'm a celeb's on and it's pretty good tonight!!!

Mind The Gap;

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