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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

has this thing rusted yet?

wooah, how's it goin blog people.. long time, i guess :/
that went down well..

I'm back with more useless and uninteresting things to moan about and comment on for you - your life is now complete ;)

Haha, so.. where to start eh?
Hmm, REHEARSALS TODAY! Hmm, well.. we've seen better days, but ya'kno Starlight never fails to give that "it's all good in the end" relief. Well, we do eventually :D
Whilst I'm at it - ANNIE IS IN 6 DAYS PEOPLE. Yeeeees, so, to my mighty 17 blogger followers, get tickets otherwise you're an actuall FON*
*read all of my blogs and you will know what this means

But to put a negative in there [because there always is with me].. Annie is reminding me too much of christmas and it's quite depressing!!
Call me a grinch/scrouge/whatevss, does really nobody else think that christmas is sort of a kid thing now and just overrated? :/
Plus, I don't have time [or money] for christmas shopping. And I'm crap at gifts.

I miss christmas as a kid; I remember livin up in the 'ghetto' (that's Kingsbury.. a little town in the corner of a, uh, cultural borough called BRENT :| mm..), freezing cold in the our Bluebird car with the leaky roof [but it was black so we called it the Blackbird] on our way to my nan + grandads in wembley :) and they'd have a nice log fire and the dogs would be confused over so much gift wrap and wearing the hats from the christmas crackers and getting excited about winning a bottle opener and feeling well 'ard when my mum'd give me a sip of baileys...

Yes, yes.. they were the merriest of christmas's!!
Not forgetting laughing at everyone getting pissed out their nut on boxing day [this was real entertainment: great uncle Bruce with his crumbled up teeth tryin to kiss Dad, and Nan flashing some old school primark briefs at the polaroid] and us kids sneaking half a can of Fosters into the loft only to spill it all over the makeshift matress of blankets we all had to sleep on that night :)

Hmm, and now?
...incompetant aunties and tired uncles 'cba' to have a laugh and sing a bit of karaoke to Kylies 'I should be so lucky' And everyone else too old.
Ahh, a quiet game of poker isn't exciting to watch. I'd rather watch Hagrid tickle Fluffy-the-3-headed-dog with his bumfluff tbh.

But anyyyyyyyyways, what's everyone doing this christmas? :)

Mind The Gap;
iPodge :)

PS. Charlotte Pape is amazing?!! :)

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