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Monday, January 4, 2010


Oh WOW - it's 2010!!

And please do excuse me, I need to get into the habit of blogging again. It is great, but my friend Robyn King has got me so into facebook stalking.. it's hard to leave it!!

It's amazing really how people publish their lives on Facebook, without realizing. I'm sure I do..
I know this because photos... wall comments... friends in common... status' - they ALL link in and can actually tell you so much about someone!!
However, I'm not so extreme a stalker I'll go to the extent of tracking people down...


I wonder who would be stalking me? Or if anyone is...
I'd be quite flattered if I had a secret stalker! Although, if i did, i guess they'd be reading this and now they'll think that I want to 'link' dem and be their 'wifey' or what not..

The worst have to be girls 'huu talk lykk dishhh' that BAITTT their lives out BIG TIME on facebook.

"Ahh i luff yu but yu alwaiis fink dat i dnt lyk yu coz i flirt wiff ufa bois tu make yu jealous cos dahts what OhMiiGosh Magazine told me tu doo!"
thanks for that (Y)
I may be a stalker.. but I like to feel like I've EARNED the right to know all about your personal life by searching through your profile. That just makes my job easy and boring.

But worst of all - it makes that person an attention seeker and most probobly, butters..


over-rated I think, like i've said before. It's all about new years now I guess.. yes, i got drunk, it was rather a good laugh though!
I rarely EVER, get really drunk.. because I think it's a bit unclassy - but I wouldn't want to give anyone an excuse to call me a hypocrite, because I admit I'm FAR from classy whilst in a drunken state.
But surelyyyy because it was new years eve.. that makes it okay? It's a special occaision!
Plus.. the rest of London is drunk!! It's the norm!!


I've finally got UGG boots. I'm praying now I don't ruin them or whatever.. or even worse; see a fat immigrant with a hairy mole on the tube wearing the same ones, with an elesse rucksack. God, that would not be good!

.. This is random. But ERRR.
I can smell that smell... the smell that puts the EW in STEW.
Why does my Mum cook it? Reaally though.. it's nasssty shit, looks like a toastie for my dinner tonight! (Y)

This blog will be too long soon, so I'll end here, so I can make my toastie. But I'll make annother one about my resoloutions soon!!!!!


Mind The Gap;
iPodge :)


  1. wow you're really funny :)
    keep it up!!
    my blog is quite funny too, but it's in greek... sooo you probably won't appreciate it much.!!

    i'm opposed to facebook stalking, it's scary actually.
    Stew stinks in greece too!

  2. Thanks! Sorry I only just read your comment! I'll try and have a look ahaha :D x