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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Oh. My. God.
I haven't been on this thing for sososo long! Well.. one of my new years resoloutions was to make a diary [which I am aware sounds SO looser-y] so I guess that's kinda overruled my blogging phase. But hey! Here I am feeling bored and a teeny bit creative..
so, we soldier on..

Here I am, 4 months on from my last blog, and sososo much has changed.. including myself [apparently?]. Which I guess you can consider either a good or bad thing..

I guess the most noticeable thing would be my hair.. which is now blonde?
[See, I say that.. because I got a full head of highlights.. about 3 months ago. So I'm stuck with roots of death right now, but should be getting that problem sorted out next week which is HALF TERM!]

Secondly? Um, well - I would like to say that I'm spec-free.. well.. I was.
But literally like, yesterday - I think the eye infection of doom made a return. And I'm sososo not happy to say the least.

And thirdly? - i can't be bothered to think of more reasons why I've changed.. because I like to think that I'm the same old gap tooth Podge :) which I am, at heart.

Ooh - but I have started using the ;D emotion more.. but what annoys me are these stupid faces:

What the actual fuck are they?! They don't even look like faces.. sheesh.
Except maybe XD   - that's quite cool ;D

What I've been up to lately?
Hmm, there is no way to summarise the past four months. But I've moved back in with my sister!
[Sharing a room, it's not good - she is a tramp and I hate her.]
I've been on work experience at a radio station which as really enriched me :') and I have concluded that a job within the media is where my career path is lead! <3
Yes, that's passionate.
And I saw LEGALLY  BLONDE in the theatre last night.. and it was amazing. And Duncan James is HOTT.
AND OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG speaking of hot, Hayley Williams [who is sososo hot] has a topless photo on the internet?! [which is not hot] But I still luff her long tym.. bbz <3
And finally?

If there's one thing I've learnt?
I guess nothing lasts forever - even a blogspot account!
And behind every cloud is a silver lining, somewhere! :')

Mind The Gap;
[it's still there!]

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