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Monday, May 31, 2010

Trying To Get Back Into The Swing Of This..

RIIIGHHTT, blog-readers.. if you're still there?

I'd firstly like to start todays blog with a couple words that I hate.. because they're coming up everywhere lately, and I feel the need to discourage as many people as I can from using them:

Just why? Is this some sort of Australian lingo that's trying to make its way over here? In that case "Stop trying to make 'wonga' happen, it's NOT gonna happen" - really guys, it's not. If the Go Compare bastard sings of it - it will NEVER be cool, ever.

No. The word is 'technique'. This is an unnecessary abbreviation, and I hate it. It looks slightly like the word 'treck' - and despite the fact that I am really really really major fit and like my exercise.. the word 'treck' makes me think of walking which just makes me feel tired and grumpy. And ill. So... no.


Britains Got Talent?!
A dude from my area Josh Barry's in the semi-finals! Which is daaaammn cool, been in the papers and all sorts. Lucky guy!

But yeeeeah, half term now - good times, although a week is NOT long enough :/

But indeed - I have said that I will try and revolve my half term around revision.. we'll see how that goes!

Mind The Gap;

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