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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Feet Really Smell

Um.. everytime I come on this thing I'm like
"Wow I haven't done a blog in like forever!"

I used to love this ting! And I've kinda got out of my diary habit :(
Which sucks because I've had an interesting month or so...

But continuing from my last blog.. exams went okay [I hope] and I get 'online' results during August :)

Soooooooooooo, it's the last drueling (if that's how you spell it?) week of school, and it's safe to say everyone's had enough of pointless lessons... even the teachers know it.
You can always tell a teacher cba when their lesson plans are as follows:

"Make A Poster Showing..."
Oh I see.. this is a teachers attempt to make us think they're giving us 'fun' lessons in which we can let out our 'creative' side [using minimal supplies of coloured paper and a few shabby coloured pencils] and learn too!
A classic Ms Morris

"Watch A Video"
That either:
- Shows no relevance to what we're learning
- Is overly relvant and something that a university student would be watching
A classic Ms Morris

"Sumarize The 1st Paragraph From The Textbook & Answer Summary Questions"
Oh look - annother classic Morris!

You guys see where I'm going with this right?

Oh well, 2 days left so the moaning wont go on much longer :)
But in fairness, even when we were at school last year.. there were still quite alotta jokes being cracked. I prefered year 9.. too much has gone on this school year.. loadsa drama and sad times, I think we all care about our social lives too much, it's not the best :(

But HEY!
We've got all summer to put our social lives at an all time HIGH and maybe forget about the past few months... I'm getting my hopes up for a gooooooooooood one :)

Mind The Gap;

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