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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guess who's back? ...Back again.

Last post.. July?
Wow, I guess I don't stick to my word as well as I thought I do.

Hmm, so since then... there's been 'summer' (inverted commas because it wasn't hot), and now it is October 12th so I guess we're approaching Winter.
I don't like winter.

Anyways, it was one of those summers in which you think;
"Oh, well this is shit..."
But looking back through tagged Facebook photos (and I have many... I never untag) I actually think;
"Ah... good times :')"

We can't deny that the brilliance of the good times were influenced by alcohol either.. drunk people are always good to laugh at!
I love gatherings :) 
Even the shit ones... because when everyone goes, it's okay because I can still crack jokes with Leigh-Anne or whoever's staying round!
So in conclusion: good times through the shit times. 
That doesn't even make sense...?

But it's weird, looking through the old photos and now officially being in the last year of school gives such nostalgia! 
Makes me feel old... and it's my birthday on Thursday. 
I'll be 16, which isn't old.. but not knowing where those 16 years have gone make me feel it!
The nostalgia of summer is also influencing my lack of enthusiasm for my birthday:
I'm not having a gathering, like I did back in the summer. It looks like I'm just going for a curry, how's that for a party?

But hey, I'll buy a scratch card and lottery ticket, and maybe I'll end up dancing in money.
That's better than a party ;)

I tried to start a Tumblr, but I can't work out how to use the dang ting, I like blogger anyways.. might have a look through previous rambles just to reminisce a bit more!

Anyways, I hope I'll be back..
But I wont promise anything... because the last time I did was 3 months ago. 

Mind The Gap;
iPodge :)

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