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Sunday, October 17, 2010

we live in good times!

Good evening readers?

Okay so I'm back again, and to quickly follow up from my last blog - I had a nice birthday, even without a gathering!
My bffl Leigh-Anne surprised me with a birthday meal with our other friends, and I got lots of money, and I got a cool snood, and I had half a chicken with chips.

I have since bought a baseball jacket which I very much like, and would like to get another from Franklin & Marshall but it's bare expensive :( ...and hair extensions (see below)

Someone said I look like Pixie Lott in that photo :') good times.

Anyways, it's the weekend (well, the end) and it's been good! And I'm off to Malaga on Wednesday, so right now life is pretty good!

..except for this English essay I have due tomorrow: what is the importance of [some passage] in the novel 'Of Mice & Men?'
I LOVE this book so much, and the film - I cried at both..

And I think everyone knows someone like Lennie, I know many, for example...
My cat Muffin
My sister [soz if you're reading this.. although I don't think you know who Lennie is]
This particular customer who comes in the bakery every week
The guy who washes the dishes in my school kitchen

I love Lennie so much :')

There's also a cute old man. He walks past my bus stop every day after school with his sheep dog on a short lead, who similarly to the man is really cute.. except the dog has a limp, poor ting. And the dog always stops at the same spot by the lamppost just past the bus stop to either have a sniff or a cock his leg... this reminds me of Candy and his dog. 
I'm also too observant sometimes.

Anyways, I suppose this rambling is prolonging my homework, and I should perhaps get on..
I will make a promise to do it after '50 First Dates' is finished on TV - which is relevant to English because this film is a popular topic of discussion on our table and I haven't seen it! D:

Oh and by the way, I watched the rest of that lesbian-y TV show from my last blog. I found out it's called Lip Service and it was actually quite jokes! Deffo check it out if you're comfortable with your sexuality.

Mind The Gap;

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