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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There's no gettin over you.. I'ma party and party!


So today's gonna be a quick one.

I went to Oxford University today, it looks nice.
I'm just worried the parties'll be shit because of all the boffins, but imagine saying "ooer I went to Oxford"


Eugh, our teacher took us to the "best bakery in Oxford" ..
And the cupcakes were stale, reminds me of another place I know...

But I got an all butter shortbread and some REECES CUPS (This is the first place in England I've seen to do them, so maybe it is the best bakery in the world)
I should have got a pork pie too, I really like pork pies.

Anyways I wore shorts that made my bum look well big today... NAT ;) haha!

Aand NOW
I've just finished packing for my holiday.. I'm very much looking forward to it. Except for having to get my feet out infront of Leigh-Anne for a week.. can you imagine! 
I don't even like feet!

Quite good timing too, as it started pissing down with rain today - SUCKAS!
Anyways, so yeah I've just finished and I need to get round Leigh-Annes asap, but I thought I'll try and seem committed to my blog, ironically like a geeky Oxford student.

We saw ginger Andrew from Big Brother at Oxford today too because he goes there, what a cutie!

To sum up, I'm going on holiday now and I doubt I'll write a blog while I'm out there... but here's a boring cliff-hanger for when I get back anyways.
I just hope that when I return, my sister will be thoughtful enough to tidy our room. Well her side.

Mind The Gap;

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