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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Wow, I'm on a roll with the blogging so it seems!

So, today started off with a bang.
Or, more so - a thump. 
I normally wake up at 6.30 (snooze till 6.45 if I want to push it) but blahblah my alarm didn't go off, I woke up, and it's 7am - so in my panic I whipped away the covers and went to quickly run to the bathroom when my leg failed me.

It was really embarrassing and no-one even saw.. but yeah I seemed to have slept on one leg for most of the night and it was numb. It was not nice, and it took me about 2 minutes to regain feeling. 

BUT I still managed to leave on time - I was proud of myself!

Muahahhahahaha.. oh yeah I had a French exam. 
I love French but I wasn't too enthusiastic today - I guess tomorrow I will pay the price of my un-enthusiasm when I get my result. Although I still think I did okay :)

I'm not sure what quite to write about tonight.. I've not revised today though.. and I also have a netball tournament tomorrow.. 

And I can't remember the name.. but we pick bibs at random at the beginning of each game. 
What the fuck?
Mans is goal attack - I think if I played center I would actually die.
I should be fat really. I eat bare and exercise little.

I feel really sorry for fat people who try and loose weight but can't :(

Anyways this is a shit blog and it doesn't look like its gonna get any better, because I cba.

Mind The Gap;

I told some people that I may be getting braces and they all laughed.
 Although some did say they'd miss my gap and I wouldn't be the same, I'm glad I've made an impression :')
Pretty jokes, but when the Ugly Betty references came in I think that may have been a touch too far!

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