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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lightning strike, inside my chest to keep me up at night, dream of ways, to make you understand my pain


So tonight's blog is being written from the comfort of my brothers' room, and I've come to notice a few things:

1) I need to tell him to stop leaving the laptop in his room. (My initial reason for being in here)

2) Boys aftershave smells really nice.
Maybe it's got something in it which women generally like, but I think I actually prefer blokes 'cologne' (that word is gay) to womens. And it seems to last as well - I feel like as soon as I get out my house I just can't smell my perfume anymore, it's gay.

3) I really miss this room. 
Which is why I used the word 'comfort' - this used to be my room about 8 months ago, and although it's small and the coldest part of the house and has really bad natural light.. it's quite cosy :) 

And I used to notice that at about 11 o'clock each night the moon would be right in perfect view of where I lay on my bed, and it'd light up my room a little bit and I thought it was quite cute and cool :') 

Aswell as that of course it's just nice to have your own space and decorate the walls with what you want, and for green & brown to be a nice colour scheme, and sleep without the noise of someone else in the room (ie my sister), and be alone when you want, and when things keep you up you can stay up as late as you want with the lights on, and have a keyboard in the corner even though you can't play it, and be able to hide things and know that someone else wont find it, and have friends over in YOUR OWN room and not bother about other people (ie my sister)

 and yeah, this room just has a lot of memories..

4) It's acceptable for boys to have messy rooms.
Although this room is actually pretty tidy..

5) His DVD collection has grown.. good times.

Oh yeah, and I like John Mayer - he's good!

Mind The Gap;

Drop his name
Push it in and twist the knife again
Watch my face
As I pretend to feel no pain

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