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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I might apply for a job at London Zoo :')

I just read back to my first blog of 2010.. I noticed I said I'd write about my new years resolutions, but my next blog after that was in May so I guess I forgot.

Seeing as we're approaching winter, I thought I may as well tell you them now and see how I (haven't) stuck to them... ;)

  • Keep a diary 
This was successful until about June where I forgot to write in most nights.. and then Tuesday 27th July was my last proper entry: 

On that day, I went with Leigh-anne to a guitar shop to see how much they'd offer me to trade my guitar in for.. it was a terrible deal so I put it on Ebay instead, which failed. I was also suffering from a cold (in July?!) LOL. July 27th clearly wasn't a good time!
I tried getting back into my habit of writing on September 3rd.. in which I wrote in capital letters at the top of the page: "New Start" - ahahaha, I'm a looser :')
But in fairness, since that 'new start'.. not much has changed!
I forgot about my diary again on September 12th.. and now it is November 23rd.

  • Cut down on Junk food/mayo chicken
This has slightly improved, but I did have a mayo chicken today.. ;)

  •  Don't gossip so much
Not sure if this has improved. Although I've definitely come to see why gossiping is quite a bad thing. There's a lot of bitchiness these days! But I guess it's just our age.. I don't like it though.

Actually yeah, I think I have improved especially recently.. more so my awareness of it has improved most though,?! If that makes any sense...?

Wow, I've realised how different I wrote then too! 
Maybe I've matured, or maybe I was happier then.. either way I said the word 'waheeey' and put every adjective in colour and spelt my name with two i's - that was kinda weird ahahaa :)

Never mind!

I wonder what my resolutions will be next year... might get my thinking hat on muhahaa! :D

Mind The Gap;

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