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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I wish..

I was rich. I could meet Hayley Williams. That I'll get good GCSEs. I can get an Xmas temping job. I wasn't so lazy. It was hot. Everyone could get along. Friends was on TV all day. The Beatles were still around. I could fly. Africa wasn't poor. I could save the world. I could learn Swahili. People weren't mean to animals. I was in year 7 again. My sister could make her bed everyday. Buses could always be on time. School didn't start so early. Music GCSE wasn't so awful. Ms Morris wasn't a cow. People didn't judge. People weren't ill. Everyone could be organized. You felt the same. My cat wouldn't wake me up at 5am. Pregnant people didn't scare me. I could get eye laser surgery. Someone'd make me a BLT. Old people didn't think young people are little shits. Little shits weren't little shits. We could be friends. It doesn't snow tonight. I had an electric blanket. Someone would have a party every week. I could get over it. Taylor Momsen would take me shopping. I visited my Grandparents more. Eclipse would come out on DVD now. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows - part 2 could come out now. Someone would give me a good book to read. Aiden Grimshaw would ask me on a date. That it'll all work out. The GoCompare advert wasn't so annoying.
..This would all come true :)

Mind The Gap;

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