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Thursday, November 25, 2010

He wear no shoe-shine he got toe jam football

I'm not quite sure but the headache has come back, and I'm on the wider-screened laptop as oppose to my lil baby one so I don't get why!

My friends have been saying that I never mention them on my blog.. I think I do here and there, but to clear a couple things up.. BIG SHOUT OUTS TO:

- Leigh-anne, she's so horrible to me but we crack bare jk when she's nice
- Leara, she's my home-dog, ma main main and everything else bffl ?!
- Arizona, she cooks patak for me during her free time
- Ciara, i see her around, yeah?
- Jordan, i'm waiting for him to propose..
and ofc Catherine, Lauren, Tilly, Keira, and the rest of my mandem crew.  

And yeah I can't think of what to say now, except that I think I have fallen in love with 'Come Together' by The Beatles. It's a sexy song. And it's even sexier because I still remember Olly Murrs' sexy performance of it last year on XFactor :')

We're out of squash in my house, I think it's time to go food shopping as I made myself noodles for dinner..
But yeah, so instead I drank milk as a last resort.. it was okay.

And whilst drinking my milk.. it suddenly struck me that milk is actually WHITE.
It sounds simple minded.. but I've never really thought about the colour of milk before. But it is actually sheet white.. and maybe that's weird because I can't think of another drink that's white, or maybe yeah.. maybe I am simple minded. 

Anyways, I'm thinking maybe if I take my contacts out my headache may go? Sounds like a plan ;D

Mind The Gap;

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