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Monday, November 29, 2010

It doesn't even feel like I've had a day off

Wow. So Saturday night turned out to be reasonably eventful.
But we won't go into that ;D

But yesterday I worked, and then got some new duvets. Good times.
And I cleaned my house. Bad, bad times..

As for today, it was boring. And I had a training day!!
So I woke up (I slept very well thanks to my nice new duvets) about half 11. Ready by half 12/1 and then I thought HEY WHO WANTS TO REVISE WITH ME?
All fucking let downs, nevermind.

So I made a quick trip to Superdrug instead, bought some hairdye and shampoo, and came home.
But not before I got a sausage roll from Greggs and a hot chocolate & raspberry and almond cake from Costa ;)

Warning: To those who haven't tried the Raspberry and Almond cake - do not be mislead. It is just filth that looks nice and tastes like marzipan. I do not like marzipan.

It was good to get home though, said it was 1 degree on my phone.. it wasn't the best! 
And what's worse is that my phone hadn't updated from when it was 27 degrees in the Summer.. then as it dropped, so did my face.
Hahaaa, my Mum's gonna get a shock when she returns from holiday...

But back to the hairdye - obviously, I died my hair... it's all good, kinda white-ish now but my roots are ginger.. see for yourself..

It's not the best. 
But I'm in my dressing gown which is the best dressing gown EVER so it makes the photo a bit better for me :)
Also, freshly dyed hair smells good.. and esp this time because the conditioner which came with it smelt of Pomegranate :')

And then I messed about for the rest of the day, and then about 5 I started revising maths.
2 hours later I'm now writing my blog as I prepare to move on History.. I hate crime and punishment.

My blogs are so boring now, nothing's happening in my life except for mock exams gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Let's hope something or someone cool happens.

Oh, I told my cat to fuck off earlier, I felt mean after.

Mind The Gap;

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