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Monday, November 22, 2010

Just Jammin

I have concluded that even though it's been one day, I am enjoying independent living.

My sister and brother are both out tonight, but since I've returned from school I've successfully:
- Put the dishwasher on
- Put the washing on 
- Made my own dinner
- Tidied (my sisters part) of my room

Now, although that makes me sound sort of high-mainteance and like I'm normally lazy.. I'm not! I've done all them things before, but normally I wouldn't do them off my own back (except tidy my room)

But still, I very much enjoyed my tomato soup and buttered bread :)

Anyways so yeah I'm in a good mood right now and all I have to worry about are my mocks next week.. but I wont worry yet ;)

The only bad thing I could probably say happened today was that I missed my bus. And because of the way my road is positioned, I can always see my bus go straight past me if I miss it.. that's what it did today. 
It's a very disheartening feeling and I always get paranoid that the people on my bus are thinking "haha" in their heads.. because I know I do it :$

Luckily the next bus didn't take long and I wasn't late :)

There's a man on my bus and he gets on everyday, and I'm never sure what to think of him..
He always has a face like thunder, and has greased back hair and has an iPhone.
I'm not sure why that's significant but you know you get those guys who are like "Yeah I'll catch you later.. I'll call you on my iPhone! ;)"
One of them.. but today as the bus approached the stop, he gestured I get on the bus first..

It made sense because I was at the busstop first (and I'm a lady..) but I always find this situation kinda awkward..
Nevertheless, I gave him the nod, said "thanks" and hopped on.

And that was a really pointless story..

I think I'm going to fill out my sixth form applications tonight.. my first choice will be Bishop Ramsey I think but gonna apply to my school too.. I've decided not to go to Brits - as much as it'd be nice to "chase my dream" - it actually restricts other opportunities which is gay :/

So I'm going with Media, French, Economics and History and/or English.. if I can do all 5 that'd be cool. If not I'll have to choose between History and English!

Anyways I must get on.. I have a dishwasher and washing machine to empty ;)

Mind The Gap;

Ps, Hi Eugene 

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