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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turn my swag on

Good evening readers,
I would like to open tonights blog telling you all about my perverted dream last night because I simply cannot get over it!

Basically, I went to a brothel..
I spoke to the lady at the counter (yes, a counter - it was a nice brothel) requesting the company of a jiggalo..
She asked me to specify what kind of jiggalo I would like (hair colour etc) and she arranged us to rendezvous within the following 10 minutes.. it was all very organized.

So with time to spare I wondered the halls of this brothel.. when I woke I had no idea what might have lead me to this brothel, but regardless, I was there.. and it looked just like Hollister but with loads of doors. 

My 10 minutes seemed to be up so I made my way to my reserved room (number 10) not quite knowing what to expect.
I opened the door to see TWO friendly men sitting on a bed fully clothed smiling at me..

"Hello, shall we get down to business?" One said.. he seemed nice and actually quite familliar, but it was one of those annoying bits of a dream where you can't exactly think who.. anyways with that I looked to my right to see two of my friends sitting on stalls in the corner with notebooks..
"What the fuck are you doing here?"
"We're observing, and taking a few notes don't mind us."
"What the hell, no!"
"What's wrong?" Jiggalo number 2
"They're my friends! They're perverts man that's weird!"
And with that I stormed out of the Brothel, back to what I think was my school (and it was a private boarding school) again, don't know why I was there, especially because I slept in a cupboard there. But I bought a Milkybar and that was about it.

I still can't quite think what could have motivated me in this dream to go to a brothel.. a MALE brothel at that, do male brothels even exist? That's crazy.

Anyways, I've come to the conclusion that my dreams are unpredictable.

On a separate note - more awful behaviour from my cat:
She brought a bird into my Mums room this morning, dissected it quite messily - leaving a head, torso and a leg with plenty of feathers over the room.
I didn't witness this one, but appaz it was grim. I'm glad I wasn't in because otherwise I would have probably been forced to clean it up :|

But it's okay now it has been cleaned up and the cat has been given a smack

Anyways, I can't think of much else to say, except that I'm tired and I can't be bothered for school!!

AHH I should really get round to Christmas shopping, oh no!

Mind The Gap;

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