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Monday, November 15, 2010

We all want to be something we're not

I saw the film 'The Social Network' the other week.

It's really good and the guy writes a blog.
But he does really short ones, and people still read them.

I think it's a bit unfortunate that not everyone has a blog. It's nice to nose in on peoples lives... and if the blogs are anything like the guys' in 'The Social Network' - they'd be well worth reading.

So I guess if I wrote like the guy did in that film more people may read this but tbh, I'd sound like a lesbian if I broadcasted girls bra sizes and how much of a bitch they were. Although the idea is somewhat tempting. [No, not the idea of becoming a lesbian]

Anyways, I'm still up, as I'm taking the day off tomorrow to get to Paramore bare early. I'm yet to tell my Mum but she's in bed so by the time she knows it'll be too late muhahaha..

Although whenever I'm off school she always tells them I have sickness and diarrhoea.. I don't get why she has to add the diarrhoea bit on the end, so unnecessary and just a bit mean.
And considering my attendance this year hasn't been the best so far, the office must think I shit like a tap.
..And once again, my blog has returned to the topic of poo.

Before I get carried away let's move on..

I'm looking for vintage clothes lately and I cannot find any shops, it sucks.
I absolutely love how they dress in This Is England. And Taylor Momsen, she can dress like a slut but she doesn't look slutty?

Hmm, I need a book to pass my time rather than wasting it on Facebook.

Or maybe some simultaneous equations - I actually enjoy doing them.. and I hate maths so so much!
Geek much..

You know when you've got that taste of nothing in your mouth when you haven't eaten for ages?
I've got that now. It's grim. 

Mind The Gap;

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