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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good Times :D

Not the best grade but considering I HATE Maths and that my teacher said I should go up a grade by June.. that means I could get an A :')

All of a sudden, I'm enjoying Maths.
Although I've always enjoyed my equations ;)

What is the actual point of equations? Like the simultaneous ones, and 'finding the subject'.. all you're doing is finding a mystery number. 
I do find it strangely satisfying, but it still means nothing. I've not yet encountered a situation in which I've been in need of finding what 'x' is..

Anyways Starlight today and it's going good :)

And yeah, things are good right now and I'm happy - THANK FUCK THE SNOW HAS GONE TOO :D

Currently I am sitting on my bed in my (amazing) dressing gown, smelling of oranges.. my Mum made stew for dinner so I was left with oranges, what the hell is in stew anyway?
Like vegetables obviously and some water and like bits of everything else? I don't think anyone knows, and it smells.
It reminds me of witches, like the cauldron etc.

Today was kinda weird, I had a think and a realisation of my mistakes and how much a dick I've been. Guess someone reminded me.. which then kick started my reminiscence. 
People are dickheads. And that's a conclusion I've drawn.

Whilst making the conclusion, I realised how much I hate it when people SAY THINGS THEY DON'T MEAN.
What's that all about?
Like, if you don't intend on doing something, why say you will?
Unless it's like to a teacher or something but whatever..
It's annoying, and misleading and gay.
Back to my point, I might use that as a new years resolution: to not say things I don't mean; to be straight up and just honest, no beating round the bush or any of that. It'll make things a lot easier.
As far as I'm told, I'm not a massive liar that says things just for the convenience.. but now I'm aware of how gay it is, no harm in avoiding it to better myself - don't want to be no hypocrite!
But yeah, new year resolution number one :)

It seems as every New Year looms, everyone says how it's gonna be 'their year' and how there's gonna be a 'new me' which is very nice. However not often followed through..

For me, 2011 is what I hope will be a year for a 'better' me. And that will make me happy :)
Shaping to be good anyway: minus exams and leaving RHS and other people.. there's Prom, The Wiz, Malawi, Spain, Reading, no doubt lots of fun things in the summer, new friends at a new school in September.. and DRIVING in October :')

And whatever happens in between, happens..

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you apprieciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better can fall together - Marilyn Monroe

Look at me getting 'deep'!

Mind The Gap;

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