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Saturday, January 15, 2011

On a brighter note,

It's pretty cosy inside, when my music dies down there's small intervals of silence in which I can hear the wind outside bare loud and a part of me thinks "hahaha, I'm inside and warm" so I feel like I have defeated the wind.
How is gay is that?

I should be getting on with revision now, and no, not physics - History. Dates etc are a killa.

How can anyone enjoy Physics? It's shit, and possibly a whole big lie.
And people who are good at physics think they're Mr Big-bollocks like "oh hi look at me I'm tackling one of the most difficult subjects move from me peasant you dun'know" and it's like oh dear, I swear most people who are good at science and maths and stuff like that are either social retards or Asian. 
And if you're neither of those, then you're strange anyway.

I sound really stereotypical now, whoops!
I guess that makes me some sort of Barbie or something then, OhMiGosshh.

I was in Westfield today, and I saw lots of middle-aged people with Hollister bags. 
In fairness, they could have been buying gifts.. but old people in Hollister make me cringe. Especially as one dude I saw (with co-ordinating Hollister hoodie and t-shirt aswell as a bag) had bad trainers on. Bad trainers are just the worst.

Although I'm not gonna deny my own fashion disasters, I was a walking disaster in my younger years..

Exhibit A - The Reebok classic.
I think they're more of a crime to have now, but I think most people had a pair of these babies back in the day! I had orange ones and I wore them to school. #swag'sonpoint
Exhibit B - The mockery of 'Von Dutch'
I had this logo on a white t-shirt and I thought I was well 'ard. Got it from some dodgy shop in the pavillions about year 5? #swag'sonpoint

Exhibit C - The total nike 90s astro turf boots
(I'm aware these are football boots but I couldn't find a pic of astro ones)
Low and behold - my year 8 PE fashion statement. Thought I'd bring back the trend which was about when I was in year 6, everyone who did sports in our year actually had these... then I bought clumpy ones in year 8.

I actually feel obliged to be embarrassed to the point of ending this blog here..

Mind The Gap;

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